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Our UNcommon Story

UNcommon Entertainers was born out of a collective of performers who wanted to take their skills to the next level, while increasing the quality of custom services for their clients. As a result, several of the top performers who had niche specialties and truly unique performances got together and hired staff to support them.

The idea was that an UNcommon Entertainment Specialist could translate performer language to client language and ensure that the client’s needs are professionally met and even exceeded.

As the performers’ time became freed up from tedious day-to-day administration tasks, they took it upon themselves to develop innovative training programs and workshops to support one another and to increase their skills in the areas of stage presence, expanding their uncommon arts and improving the overall show design and wow factor for each performance.

UNcommon Entertainers has grown to a roster of performers who travel around the world, are considered masters of their craft and have a full support team to back them every step of the way. This guarantees that our performers are at the top of their game and will WOW you and your guests with their imaginative creativity and energetic feats.

Jason Chessar

Founder of Uncommon Entertainers

Jason is a Master Magician, honing his craft for over 20 years, a National Award Winning Speaker, certified trainer with Blair Singer Training Academy and the UNcommon founder of the Inspirational entertainment group, UNcommon Entertainers. Outside of his career, he is also very active in the community, sitting on the board of trustees for Five Counties Children’s Centre Foundation, an active Kinsmen, Advanced Toastmaster, Marketing Director for the Kawartha Shriners and heavily involved with several local and national charities.

Jason’s Uncommon past contributed to his passion for the Uncommon. Born partially deaf, as a child he used magic as a way to rehabilitate his speech and overcome his extreme social anxiety to become the top stage presenter he is today. What most do not know about this imaginative individual is that while perfecting his craft, he also worked in and obtained his license in the trades as an Industrial Construction Electrician and has managed several million dollar government projects.

Victoria Wood

Uncommon Show Producer, Talent Rep & AKA Pyrobelle

Victoria, Owner of The PyroFlys and a multi-talented Fire & Circus Performer, has made it her mission to share her uncommon passions of play, flow, and circus with the everyday world. Victoria has been involved in circus for over 10 years and enjoys a wealth of circus wisdom and knowledge. She performs as the star of the show as well as the “Pied Piper”  providing guidance and support to our artists.

Victoria helps design our shows, costumes, marketing material, recruits new artists, and she keeps our performers uncommonly leading a circus and artist lifestyle.

Tracy Magee-Graham

Imaginative Marketer

Gifted in marketing and operations, the only other talent Tracy may boast about is her ear-wiggling skills. Knowing this limited skill wouldn’t end up on Ellen or Oprah or go viral any time soon, Tracy chose to cultivate her marketing and organizational skills in the publishing industry. She also supported various charitable organizations and often worked behind the scenes as stage manager and properties mistress for several community theatre groups.

Tracy resides in Peterborough with her husband and three children in a home where the animals greatly outnumber the human occupants. Tracy is the Imaginative Marketer helping promote our family of Uncommon Entertainers.

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